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Wheel Estate: Investing in a Mobile Home

By Brooke Constance White , VIEWS. Contributor

Imagine being able to move your home from place to place. To wake up one day in Moab and fall asleep that same night in the Grand Tetons, all from the comfort of your familiar bed and pillows. That’s the dream—no need to buy a second house (or maybe this is your second home), you can just start the engine and drive it to a new locale for a change of scenery. That’s the beauty and freedom that is the trending #vanlife and #rving lifestyle. Look up those hashtags on Instagram and try to not start daydreaming … we’ll wait!

Mobile living was prominent on social media prior to COVID-19 as the nomadic lifestyle gained traction, but when you add a pandemic that forces people to socially distance and wear masks, the idea of being far away from other humans while still being able to travel and explore became much more enticing.

Similar to other travel-related industries, late March and April were dismal for the RV world—most factories had closed, said Monika Geraci, a spokesperson for the RV Industry Association. In May, factories began cautiously reopening but the future was still uncertain. Uncertainty was not an emotion felt for long, however.

“June was the industry’s best month in almost two years and then July had the highest number of shipments, which is the number of RVs and campers that are shipped from manufacturers to dealers … in four decades and was a 54 percent increase over July 2019,” Geraci said.

Several months past these recording-breaking months, the RV industry stats look more like a checkmark than a V shape, Geraci said, noting that this increase can be attributed to two waves…

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