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The Franklin | Custom Design Schemes & Finish Packages

Partner Spotlight: Alder & Tweed

At Alder and Tweed we design luxurious homes that tell a story—weaving together narratives of the lives that live within each interior space—spoken through layers of sumptuous textiles, thoughtful materials and refined surfaces. Our aim is always to produce spaces that epitomize livable luxury from room to room by way of well-considered floor plans and comfort-first furnishings.

The Franklin Residences in collaboration with Alder and Tweed, are pleased to offer optional design packages and schemes tailored to enhance these living spaces. As the preferred furnishing designer for The Franklin, Alder and Tweed brings their expertise to every residence, making it easy for homeowners to create a personalized haven in the heart of Big Sky.

Warm Scheme

The Warm Scheme design for The Franklin offers a cozy yet contemporary ambiance, blending rich leather tones with smooth and profound fabrics. With a color palette dominated by tan, beige, white, and black, the interiors exude warmth and sophistication.

The use of strong leather tones adds a touch of luxury, while smooth fabrics provide comfort and texture. Accents of black and white, paired with vibrant artworks, create striking focal points throughout the space, adding depth and visual interest.

This design scheme strikes a perfect balance between elegance and modern mountain living, offering residents of The Franklin a welcoming retreat with a touch of refined charm.

With an emphasis on contemporary mountain modern, every element within this scheme reflects elegance and comfort, ensuring a harmonious and inviting environment for residents to enjoy.

Cool Scheme

The Cool Scheme design for The Franklin combines bold contrasts and modern elements with a touch of mountain-inspired flair. With a focus on strong blacks and matte finishes, the interiors exude sophistication and depth.

Fabrics in burnt oranges and varying shades of gray add warmth and dimension to the space, while accents of orange and tan provide vibrant pops of color against a backdrop of black and white.

This theme strikes a balance between contemporary design and the rustic charm of mountain living, creating a space that feels both sleek and inviting.

To anchor the palette, exquisitely engineered hardwoods are used throughout, grounding the design scheme and adding a sense of natural beauty to the space.

With the Cool Scheme, residents of The Franklin can enjoy a modern yet cozy retreat that perfectly captures the essence of mountain luxury.

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