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Sandhill: Setting the Standard for Sustainable Living in Bozeman

By Taylor Owens

The new Sandhill development located off of Kagy Boulevard in Bozeman, Montana spans 160+ acres featuring 34 unique homesites. The community’s landscape stands as a testament to Montana’s rich history with lots between two and three plus acres with views directly to the Bridger Mountains and access to mountain bike, running and walking trails. Set to break ground in March 2024, Sandhill is not only set to be one of the best places to thrive in Bozeman, but is also leading the way in sustainable development in Montana.

“Sandhill is what I would describe as one of the more sustainably designed and to be sustainably installed projects that my team and I have ever worked on,” Will Pereira, group vice president and general manager for Brightview Landscape Development, said.

The Sandhill community is designed to run on 10 acre-feet of overall water usage or less annually without significant aesthetic sacrifice. An acre-foot is the amount of water needed to cover one acre (43,560 square feet) with one foot of water. Greywater recycling systems for additional irrigation will be an option for lot buyers for this community of homes.

“To suggest that Sandhill is on the vanguard of the cutting-edge of using some of this technology is absolutely factual,” Pereira said. “Greywater recycling is becoming a little bit more commonplace. You’re starting to hear more buzz about it, but to have it be a formal part of the recommendation within this community is really cutting edge.”

‘Greywater’ refers to all wastewater generated in buildings from streams without contamination. Greywater recycling is the treatment of wastewater from appliances such as showers, baths, and sinks to be re-used and fed back into a property for non-potable purposes…


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