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Outlaw Realty Presents Kali Quick

Quick brings Montana expertise and personal connection to your next home search

By Taylor Owens

Outlaw Realty has a few new agents joining their ranks, and one of these fresh faces is Kali Quick. In a recent interview, Quick shared her journey from being a PGA golf professional to becoming a real estate agent, her love for Montana’s outdoor lifestyle, and her personalized approach to helping clients find their dream homes.

Quick’s transition from a career as a PGA golf pro to real estate was a natural progression. Her experience working at high-end golf clubs in Big Sky and Jackson Hole and her familiarity with the industry provided a unique perspective.

“Usually, with golf courses comes real estate sales. I’ve been very familiar with working with a lot of agents and passing prospects onto agents in the area,” Quick said.

Quick’s background provided her with valuable skills, such as networking and building relationships, which are crucial in the world of real estate. She saw an opportunity to blend her passion for golf and her desire to help people find their dream homes in Montana.

“I think it pairs really well together, and it’s a really genuine and authentic fit for my personality and character,” Quick said.

Quick’s passion for Montana’s outdoor lifestyle sets her apart in the real estate world. She is an outdoors enthusiast, loving activities such as skiing, snowboarding, fishing, hiking, camping, and, of course, golf. Her deep-rooted connection with the local community and her knowledge of the area’s outdoor recreation opportunities make her a valuable resource for clients. Whether it’s helping someone plan a fly fishing trip or recommending the best hiking trails, Quick is eager to help.

The tight-knit nature of Big Sky’s community resonates with her, making her feel right at home. Quick has lived in Big Sky for almost four-and-a-half years. In this time, she has established a strong network and a sense of community that she values deeply.

“It feels really comfortable and feels like home. I love living in beautiful places with incredible opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, whether it’s Yellowstone, other national parks, or local trails. It’s a great lifestyle. I feel like I lead by example for clients. I hike, I bike, I ski, I golf, I fish, I do all those things that people want to move to Montana for,” Quick says.

As a new member of the Outlaw Realty team, Quick is determined to grow and learn from their seasoned members. Her blend of Montana expertise and commitment to building strong client relationships positions her as a promising agent in the thriving Big Sky and Bozeman real estate market. With Quick’s help, more individuals can discover the unparalleled beauty and lifestyle that Montana has to offer.

Contact Kali Quick today by email,, or phone, 406-641-0046, and learn more about how she can help you with your real estate needs in the Big Sky and Bozeman areas.

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