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Market Update October 2023 | Bozeman, MT

Fall Into the Bozeman Real Estate Market: October Insights Await!

Welcome to the October Bozeman Real Estate Market Update, where we’ll explore the latest trends in the local real estate scene. As we transition into the fall season, let’s dive into the key insights affecting pricing, inventory, and negotiation dynamics within the Bozeman real estate market.

Adjustments and Growth: Navigating Pricing in Bozeman’s Housing Market

 In October, we noticed a notable decrease in median sales prices across Single-Family Homes, Townhomes, and Condos. The median sales price fell to $710,000, representing a 10% decline from September. However, it’s essential to put this drop into perspective as it accounts for only a 4% decrease compared to October of the previous year.

The Single-Family Home market continues to stand out with consistent growth, recording a 3.7% increase to reach a median price of $936,000. This segment’s price per square foot also experienced a similar trend, with a 3.3% increase, now standing at $410 per square foot.

Inventory Crunch: The Challenge Continues in Bozeman’s Real Estate

October saw a 10% increase in the number of closed sales compared to August. Almost 100 properties, including SFH, Townhomes, and Condos, successfully closed during the month. However, this increase in closed sales also coincided with a growth in Days on Market, which now averages 47 days, significantly longer than last year’s average of 22 days during September.

Despite the boost in closed sales, inventory availability took a significant hit, with new listings dropping by over 25% in October. This continues the ongoing trend of limited supply in Bozeman, creating a competitive landscape on the buyer side.

Negotiating Your Way: Tides Turning in Bozeman’s Real Estate Market

In conclusion, properties are remaining on the market for more extended durations, prompting sellers to apply discounts to attract buyers. Nevertheless, the limited supply continues to support prices in the Bozeman Real Estate market.

Navigating the Bozeman real estate market, which remains highly variable on a hyper-local basis, is best achieved with professional guidance. The presence of cash buyers and financing opportunities further underscores the need for expert advice to seize the right opportunity for your specific needs. Make sure you have the right team by your side when considering your next real estate transaction in this evolving market.

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