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Lessons in Landscape

By Mira Brody, VIEWS. Managing Editor

When you stand on the Gallatin Crest, you can see every prominent peak in the Madison and Gallatin ranges—Lone, Cedar, Sphinx, Hilgard, Hyalite—all blended in a single granite sea. Cirques, a glacial erosion feature common in the Gallatins, form dramatic, gaping amphitheater-like formations, while lodgepole pine, hundreds of years old, stand as silent spectators to the show.

It’s quiet up here at 9,000 feet; no drone of freeway traffic and even other recreationists are sparse. Reaching Windy Pass, on which is perched one of many rentable rustic Forest Service cabins in the region, it’s just a three mile hike down to the parking lot, then a bumpy ride back to Highway 191 where I’ll grab a post-run brew and bite to eat in the canyon. The freedom to escape is alive and well in Big Sky, Montana, and it’s very much possible to make it home in time for dinner…

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