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Epic Spots in Southwest Montana | College “M” Trail

Epic Spots in Southwest Montana

In our inaugural episode, we’re diving into the heart of outdoor magic with the iconic “M” Trail, just a quick 10-minute drive from downtown Bozeman.

In 1915, students from MSU crafted the iconic 250-foot white rock “M.” Nestled against the backdrop of the Bridger Mountain Range, the “M” Trail offers more than just a hike; it offers insight into Montana’s scenic beauty. To access the “M” trail, one can start from the Route 86 trailhead in Bridger Canyon. Providing two options—a straightforward path and a more challenging ascent—the trail leads to the summit where the prominent ‘M’ proudly overlooks the valley, embodying the spirit of Montana State University.

ROUND TRIP MILEAGE: 2.4+ | 850 feet elevation gain
PARKING: Turn left for the parking lot off Bridger Drive.
SEASONS: The trail, being a gravel path, can get muddy during fall and spring. However, it generally dries out earlier in the spring compared to other trails.
AMENITIES: A public restroom is available at the parking lot, and benches along the trail provide stunning views.

The College ‘M’ Trail stands out as the Main Street to the Mountains system’s most frequented route, and rightfully so. At the pinnacle, benches offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Often chosen for a brisk lunchtime hike, the trail is a favorite for both locals and visitors, with families and friends often making it a destination. Bursting with wildflowers during the spring, this trail, although bustling, is not recommended for bikers.

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a first-time adventurer, the “M” Trail offers an experience!

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