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Commercial Spaces at Wildlands Have Been Claimed 

Commercial Spaces at Wildlands Have Been Claimed 

By Taylor Owens

Upon the completion of the Wildlands development in the Northeast Neighborhood, the three commercial spaces in the lower level of the development have been claimed by some very exciting tenants: Biome Slow Craft Collective, Beringia, Echo Arts, and Open Studio Collective.

Biome Slow Craft Collective

Suite C | 615 E Peach St, Bozeman MT
Phone: (406) 577-2121

Owned by Dennae Tirrell, Biome Slow Craft Collective, is an art workshop, event, and retail space designed to be “for the artist.” The slow craft approach aims to strive for a cultivation of passion, sustainability, and a sense of community. 

Biome houses a multitude of different art forms for purchase, including prints, pottery, jewelry, and much more. The store also offers a variety of ticketed classes each month to the public to come and learn new skills. Some of these classes include Metalsmithing: 101, Paper Mache Vases, Sewing Machines: 101, Intro to Jewelry Beading, and many more. 

With its prime location inside Wildlands’ new commercial spaces, Biome is poised to become the quintessential stop on a trip to Bozeman’s Northeast Neighborhood.


Suite A | 610 N Wallace Ave, Bozeman MT

Beringia is a retail space selling aesthetic and functional technical apparel that helps you explore the outdoors in the most direct and unmediated fashion. With its new space in the Wildlands development, Beringia will provide products built to withstand the conditions of an Arctic region through distinctive design in their retail space in the Northeast Neighborhood.

Defining features of this brand are design ideation, technical innovation, advanced fiber and fabric engineering, as well as technical design that draws from the collective experience of mountain professionals from the Swiss Alps, Japan Alps, and Southern Alps. 

Echo Arts & Open Studio Collective

Suite B | 609 E Peach, Bozeman MT

Echo Arts houses contemporary exhibitions informed by the evolving cultural and ecological landscape of the American West. Their dedication to showcasing exceptional regional, national, and international artists that speak to our shared humanity within their space is set to be a meaningful addition of arts and culture within Wildlands’ commercial spaces. 

The most recent exhibition at Echo Arts is A Reflection of the Solar Year in Twelve Full Moons, 2023 by Talia Roberts. This series is an earthly interpretation of the shifting light and mood during the twelve months Earth travels around the sun. 

Open Studio Collective is a visionary design practice based in Bozeman, MT and Portland, OR. The practice is multidisciplinary with an emphasis in architecture, interior and brand design.

OSC offers a range of services, including full architectural design services, interior design services, brand design services, and design consultation services. A team of four works at Open Studio Collective providing design oversight and creative direction. OSC is an ideal addition to Wildlands’ commercial spaces, offering creative and artistic services to the neighborhood and greater Bozeman area. 

Echo Arts Email:
Echo Arts Phone: (208) 768 7174

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