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Author Archives: EJ Daws

    Yellowstone Implements Fishing Restrictions

    By EJ Daws | July 26, 2021

    Town Crier “Briefs from the Region” (1) – 7/26/21 Effective Saturday, July 24, Yellowstone National Park is closing rivers and streams to fishing in the afternoon and evening due to water temperatures exceeding 68 degrees on recent days and unprecedented low stream flows. The closure will protect the park’s native and wild trout fisheries, which... Read More

    Fire Season: The Wildland-Urban Collision

    By EJ Daws | July 15, 2021

    By Amanda Loudin, Mountain Outlaw Contributor Shelly Olson understands well the danger of wildfires to people, public lands and private property. As assistant chief for the Grand Fire Protection District No. 1 in Granby, Colorado, Olson also volunteers as chair for Grand County’s wildfire council. She spent much of her 2020 summer helping disseminate information... Read More

    The District with Grit

    By EJ Daws | July 15, 2021

    By Mira Brody, Explore Big Sky Staff Walking through Bozeman, Montana’s northeast neighborhood, you’ll first notice its peculiarities. There’s a log cabin, a purple bungalow, a metal seagull weathervane pointed toward the Bridger Mountains to the north. As the city’s surrounding subdivisions sprawl at breakneck speed, the historically working-class neighborhood, nestled between the Bridger Foothills... Read More

    The Reserve at Willow Creek

    By EJ Daws | July 13, 2021

    By Brooke Constance White, Special Advertisement The Reserve at Willow Creek offers all that makes Montana great—truly the best of everything! Located against the Bangtail Mountains in southwest Montana, the 157 +/- acre parcels offers breathtaking views, unparalleled privacy, and wide-open spaces, all within 25 minutes of Livingston, Montana. The varied topography gives each parcel... Read More

    New Park, Same Traditions

    By EJ Daws | July 9, 2021

    By Mira Brody, Explore Big Sky Staff BIG SKY – Blankets and chairs lay a patchwork across the new lawn at the Len Hill Park in Big Sky Town Center on the Thursday night of July 15 for Music in the Mountains. Sneaky Pete and the Secret Weapons, the Jackson-based funk rock band, warmed the... Read More

    How You Can Make a Difference Buying Local Food

    By EJ Daws | July 9, 2021

    By Emily Stifler Wolfe Throw a tomato during a southwest Montana summer and you’ll probably hit a food producer. Whether a vegetable grower, a grain or lentil farmer, or a rancher, they’re the reason much of Montana still looks how it did a century ago. With a national spotlight shining on small-scale farming and responsibly... Read More

    The Fish Whisperer

    By EJ Daws | July 4, 2021

    By Emily Stifler Wolfe Giselle Fontanazza Hansen pulled her drift boat up onto an island near Pine Butte on the Madison River and her two clients, a couple in their 50s, got out to wade fish. Not long after, the man had a fish on his line, so Hansen turned to grab her net. Suddenly,... Read More

    Safety Tips for Viewing Yellowstone Wildlife

    By EJ Daws | May 7, 2021

    By Christine Gianas Weinheimer, Explore Big Sky Contributor We’ve seen the viral photos and videos: wildlife close encounters of the wrong kind. But the fact is that animal attacks in Yellowstone are relatively rare and almost always preventable. It is easy to enjoy observing the park’s magnificent animals without putting yourself at risk. “If you... Read More

    Tips for Using Bear Spray

    By EJ Daws | May 4, 2021

    By Chuck Bartlebaugh, Explore Big Sky Contributor When used correctly, bear spray has been found to work 98 percent of the time, even against aggressive, charging or attacking bears. It has saved many people, including visitors to Yellowstone National Park. The 2 percent of encounters when it didn’t work were related to wind or more... Read More

    7 Hot Trends in Interior Design

    By EJ Daws | April 27, 2021

    A set of seven complimentary elements—space, line, light, forms, color, texture and patterns—define the timeless art of interior design. Harmoniously joining those essential components form the backbone to any aesthetically pleasing interior space; a challenge that delights, perplexes and evolves eternally, much like fashion or haute cuisine. It is a dynamic craft. In homage to... Read More