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A Walk Through Bozeman’s Northeast Neighborhood

By Taylor Owens

Bozeman’s northeast neighborhood is the city’s up and coming community born out of the roots of the Brewery Historic District. This neighborhood is also home to Wildlands, the newest bespoke living community, settled in the heart of the neighborhood.

Wildlands units are footsteps away from the best coffee shops, music venues, fitness studios and amenities that Bozeman has to offer. With a mix of Scandinavian-Modern architecture and industrial elements, this new development blends perfectly with the new establishments in the northeast neighborhood, as well as the older, repurposed mill buildings and historic structures that make up the history of the brewery district.

Steeped in History

Explore the epitome of luxury intertwined with history, where the legacy of Julius Lehrkind unfolds with a tale of resilience and prosperity. In 1860, Lehrkind, escaping compulsory service in the German militia, clandestinely boarded a ship destined for America. Already a seasoned brewmaster’s apprentice, Lehrkind effortlessly secured employment upon arrival, setting the stage for a remarkable journey.

Fast forward eight years, and a substantial inheritance empowered Lehrkind and his brother, Fred, to establish a distinguished brewery in the charming locale of Davenport, Iowa. Tragedy struck with the unexpected demise of Fred and his wife, leading Lehrkind to amalgamate their four children with Fred’s six. In a strategic move, he sold the Iowa brewery and embarked on a new chapter in southwest Montana, drawn by the allure of high quality water and abundant barley cultivated by Dutch settlers near Manhattan….


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