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7 Hot Trends in Interior Design

A set of seven complimentary elements—space, line, light, forms, color, texture and patterns—define the timeless art of interior design. Harmoniously joining those essential components form the backbone to any aesthetically pleasing interior space; a challenge that delights, perplexes and evolves eternally, much like fashion or haute cuisine. It is a dynamic craft.

In homage to those elements, the VIEWS. team presents seven of our favorite trends in interior design, contemporary and tasteful. Try your hand at any or all of these popular styling offshoots to provide your mountain home with a chic makeover sure to earn the envy of guests (be cheeky) and the appreciation of family.

– The Editors

Although the Pantone Color of the Year—an annual, trendsetting designation—is “Classic Blue,” one of the most popular emerging interior design practices is the integration of earthy tones into living and work spaces. With residences either on or at the base of a mountain as grand as Lone Mountain, the concept should be quite palatable for Big Sky residents…

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