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Monthly Archives: May 2021

    Safety Tips for Viewing Yellowstone Wildlife

    By EJ Daws | May 7, 2021

    By Christine Gianas Weinheimer, Explore Big Sky Contributor We’ve seen the viral photos and videos: wildlife close encounters of the wrong kind. But the fact is that animal attacks in Yellowstone are relatively rare and almost always preventable. It is easy to enjoy observing the park’s magnificent animals without putting yourself at risk. “If you... Read More

    Tips for Using Bear Spray

    By EJ Daws | May 4, 2021

    By Chuck Bartlebaugh, Explore Big Sky Contributor When used correctly, bear spray has been found to work 98 percent of the time, even against aggressive, charging or attacking bears. It has saved many people, including visitors to Yellowstone National Park. The 2 percent of encounters when it didn’t work were related to wind or more... Read More